About Us

Artisan Life Limited was established in 2005 with the purpose of promoting, developing and supporting Colombian artisans and their craft. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Colombian artisans with opportunities to expand beyond their local markets while striving for the sustained development of the environment and the progress of artisan communities.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become the leading importer of artisan and handcrafted products from Colombia to the European market. We will focus on developing trusting relationships with the artisans in order to understand the skill and passion that goes into each craft, which will enable us to select unique, modern and high-quality handcrafted products.

    Our Values

    Environmental sustainability:
    Recent ecological arguments have encouraged our suppliers to consider very carefully their sources of supply and obtain raw materials only from areas where an enlightened policy of environmental conservation is pursued. Our suppliers are certified in Colombia by the Administrative Department of the Environment (“DAMA”) and comply with strict environmental conservation policies.

    Support of the artisan:
    Our efforts will focus on improving the artisans’ quality of life by fostering professional development, while promoting artisan crafts as a profitable income generation alternative. In Colombia, handcrafts continue to provide an important source of income, especially for women who have limited options for productive employment. Many of our suppliers have established employment programs exclusively for women who are also the main providers of their households.

    We make every effort to maintain a Fair Trading policy with our producing groups. In this context we provide advanced payments of up to 50% in order to ensure the continued development of artisan communities and the supply of superior-quality crafts.

    Handmade crafts:
    We strongly believe that the uniqueness and authenticity of the handmade products that we commercialise represent the values, vision and purpose of the artisan.

    Cultural heritage:
    Historically, handmade crafts are legacies of cultural traditions. We will seek to work with artisans who aim to preserve and recover the cultural heritage of Colombian crafts.
    At Artisan Life we place a high degree of value in our intellectual property and that of our artisans and designers. All intellectual property rights in our designs are and remain the property of Artisan Life Ltd.