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This unique product is crafted by expert hands...
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Tagua Seed

Welcome to Artisan Life! Here you can find a range of beautiful fair trade, handcrafted, jewellery and accessories from Colombia available both retail and wholesale. Artisan Life has been trading wholesale since to 2005 it's beginning. We have stocked museums, galleries, independent shops, department stores, both in and outside of the UK.

Please contact us at if you wish to receive our PDF catalogues with pricing via email. You may also browse our current wholesale collections on our catalogues.

We regularly participate in trade shows across the UK such as Top Drawer, Home & Gift, Pulse.

social enterprise + Fair Trade
The WFTO focuses on both social enterprise and Fair Trade. Its Guarantee System is the only international verification model focused on social enterprises that put the interests of workers, farmers and artisans first.
Principles of fair trade
The WFTO is the home of Fair Trade Enterprises. Spread across 76 countries, members are verified as social enterprises that practice Fair Trade. To be a WFTO member, an enterprise or organisation must demonstrate they put people and planet first in everything they do. We are democratically run by our members. This is their global community.
Vegetable Ivory
Collection Coming soon
Vegetable ivory or tagua nut is a product
made from the very hard wide endosperm
of the seeds of certain palm trees...


Matte Collection

This product is sourced on a fairtrade basics and our artisan are certified in Colombia by the Administrative Department of the Environment "DAMA"...

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