Meet Sonia

Claudia Suarez

Sonia is one the artisans from our Tagua Collection. We asked her a few questions so that you can meet her and know about the effect this source of income has had on her life. 

** Your name (nickname).

Sonia Lozano (Soni).

** When did you start working as an artisan of such items?

I started working at the workshop 12 years ago.

** How do you feel when you produce the items?

I feel very honoured and proud to know that what I do is appreciated by people and that the products are sold in other countries outside of Colombia. I am delighted to know that our work is valued abroad.

** What has changed since you joined?

I have made many friends and have been blessed to learn a new form of art. The workshop has also provided me with a steady source of income and a chance to care for my family.

** What have you done with your family recently?

We enjoy our time together and spending quality time as a family in our home.

** Tell us about a recent moment when you thought to yourself "I'm happy".

The birth of my youngest son 2 years ago and the graduation of my oldest son 4 months ago.